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Hello, world! In the spirit of our launch, we are offering three companies free indexing services. Whether it's web2 or web3 data, you let us know what you need, and we'll deliver! All submissions are due by November 10th. We will notify winners by November 20th. Happy indexing : )

What is The Indexing Company?

Imagine a world where you can access all the data on the internet, regardless of its location. A world where you can easily find information without worrying about whether it's stored in web2 or web3. At The Indexing Company, we are making this dream a reality. We are commingling web2 with web3 data and offering full service, custom indexes to companies that want to avoid unduly infrastructure setup. This means that you can now access all of your data in one place without having to worry about compatibility issues.

How we are different…

The Graph, a project we love and use, is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to index and query data from blockchains. The Graph is powered by a network of nodes called "subgraphs." These subgraphs are open APIs that applications can query using GraphQL. The Graph currently indexes data from Ethereum, IPFS, and PoA Network.The Graph is not the best option for those looking to access specific data quickly and easily. It has a high learning curve, and the results regularly require additional research and cleanup on behalf of the user.The Indexing Company focuses on those who want quick and easy access to specific data without complex technical setups. Our solution is full-service and custom that returns the exact data you are looking for.Other solutions, such as, offer centralized indexing solutions through restful and streaming API's. However, unlike the Indexing Company, they do not have relationship/pattern matching, hosting services, and web2 interoperability. With the Indexing Company, users can now access all their data in one place without worrying about compatibility issues. The beauty of The Indexing Company is that it doesn't require any installation or setup on the user's part. All they need to do is contact us, and we take care of the rest!Last but not least, we’ve been in the web3 ecosystem since 2013 and are strong believers in decentralization. In keeping with our philosophy, we will be open-sourcing our indexing engine in the future. After building several successful dapps and gaining valuable experiences at Coinbase, we have learned that web3 depends on the successful onboarding of web2. Therefore, we’ve committed our team to participate in this onboarding process while maintaining a clear path towards decentralization.